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01hello 01pole 02chanel 03Flag_Guernica 03gas_mask 05cop_finger 05in_the_park 06posters 07public_alley 08statue 08subway_platform 09defaced1 10JohnMartino_On_the_Corner 10defaced2 11JohnMartino_Flag 11tattoo 13god 14manhattan 15save_america 15smile_you_are_on 16free 16on_the_t 17police_with_devil 18JohnMartino_Vote 18collateral_damage 18snow_melt 19dream 20newsweek 21masks 25look_into_my_eye2 30soldier_dreams_mary 35No_Iraq_War 39Little_Brother 60united_for_peace 64Look_Into_My_Eye2 BuyAlmostAnything catholic_church fat_boy_with_flag flag_patch freedom300 killing_babies300 new_orleans nuke_em peace_on_earth2 vaccum_cleaner
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